Mango & Kokum Balm review

Mango & Kokum Balm

I first formulated this balm because I had to have a procedure done at the base of my neck. (I don’t heal well and still have a red/pink scar that is 3.5 years old) I wanted something that would heal it quickly.  I was very pleasantly surprised when it did just that. I had the procedure done at 9 am 19th January 2017.  When I removed the dressing on Friday night 9.14 am 20th January I put my first bit of my balm on and took photo. It was a bit swollen and sore.

I took another photo 7.56am 21st January 2017;

and again at 9.48 pm 21st January,

9.26 pm 25th January 2017,

6.35 am 26th January 2017,

and the last one I took was on 6.43 am 7th February 2017.

I found that it helped reduce the swelling, removed most of the pain and healed quickly.  I applied this frequently during the day.

Christine, Whangarei 8.2.17


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