Rose Body Lotion 100 mls

Lavender Foaming Cleanser 100 mls

Frankincense Toner 100 mls

Lavender Moisturiser 50 gms

Rose body Lotion
The Rose hydrosol, combined with the power of Jojoba oil and the soothing properties of the Alpha Bisabol, will have your skin feeling moisturised and soft, like a rose petal. The Geranium, Neroli and Benzoin Essential oils give the body lotion a divine smell

Lavender Foaming Cleanser
A foaming cleanser that uses the properties of Lavender hydrosol, Frankincense hydrosol and Pomegranate glycerite to clean and soothe all skin types.

Frankincense Toner
Using Lavender, Frankincense, Neroli and cornflower hydrosols to cool hydrate, smooth and regenerate your skin. This toner is suitable for all skin types.

Lavender Moisturiser
A silky moisturiser that uses the power of Rosehip oil, Pomegranate oil, Lavender hydrosol and Macadamia nut oil to soothe and soften your skin


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